APP high molecular ammonium polyphosphate(n>1000)
ammonium polyphosphate (n>100)
ammonium polyphosphate (n>30)
Water-soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate
Phosphorus Pentoxide
Polyphosphoric acid
Special Solvent for PP, PE
APP-5I environment friendly fire retardant for engineering plastic
Melamine pyrophosphate (MPP)
Melamine Cyanurate (MCA)

Appearance: white fine powder; can easily absorb moisture
Chemical Type: Short-chain low-polymerized ammonium polyphosphate

P2O5 ≥45%
Nitrogen ≥24%
PH-value(1% aqueous solution) 7.5?
Solubility Freely soluble in water

1. It is stable and will not change in quality in long-term storage; convenient for transporting and storage;
2. It is neutral and has good safety and compatibility; won't react with other fire retardants and aids.
3. High content of P-N with proper proportion; low price.
Use: Can be prepared into 20%P-N fire-retarding liquid; used in the fire-resisting treatment of textiles, paper products, fiber, wood etc.. After special treatment, it can also be prepared into high-concentration (50%) fire-retarding liquid to meet special needs.
Packing: In woven bag lined with PE bag, net wt. 25kg.

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